About me

I am a native Montrealer and Habs faithful who also loves everything about the sport of hockey, from the smell of zamboni fumes to the sound of a puck hitting someone’s shin protector at 100 miles an hour.  I have been very active in minor hockey, have played hockey and managed teams, and of course watch as much hockey as I can.  The Bell Center is the epicenter of all things hockey, but I now reside in the GTA and therefore hear much gnashing of teeth from so-called Leafs Nation.  I know there are many women who know hockey and understand the game, but too few actually put their voices out there.  I hope to change some mindsets about this, as I seldom meet men who follow the sport as closely as I do.


3 responses to “About me

  1. PM
    Don’t know how else to contact you.
    Just wanted to let you know I replied to your last post re. your screen name, back on the ALFB blog, in the thread Game 62: Bad Goal Bonanza. (smile)
    (Oops. I mean, Sensi-Bill) (g)
    (It at any time you wish to, please feel free to contact me — so we can gossip in private? LOL — via my e-mail address.)

  2. Wayne Campbell

    I saw your comment on The Star to VM. I agree with you about when watching hockey without an emotional stake you can appreciate things from both teams that you normally may not. But and this is a BIG BUT do not insult Leaf fans by inviting us to your bandwagon. The habs are the last team any true and loyal Leaf fan wants to see win any game let alone the Cup. I have a lot of Leaf fan friends who feel the same way. With your loyalty to the habs have you or would you jump on the Leaf bandwagon? I certainly would not expect you to.

    I read above that you “seldom meet men who follow the sp0rt as much as I do”. Either you don’t get out very much or you are arrogant. Sorry but that is the way it sounds.

    You may find this interesting. When the habs won the cup in 1977 they had the Olympics the year before same goes for the Flames in 1989, who also won the President’s trophy. So is this the Canucks turn? They had Olympics last year and have won the President’s trophy.

  3. Princess Mononoke

    Hey Wayne,
    My invitation to the bandwagon was meant as a joke. I know too well what loyalty to a team means, and if you’ve read my comments on VM’s blog, you’ve probably noticed how often I praise Leafs fans on their loyalty against all odds.
    I was just playin’
    My husband is a Leafs fan, and I have yet to sway his resolve.
    I know he’ll never convert me!

    As for seldom meeting men who follow hockey as closely as I do, perhaps I am arrogant, perhaps I don’t get out much. I like to think it’s neither, but hey!
    For example: I’ll be watching games in every matchup of every round in the playoffs, as I do every year. I don’t know anyone else, man, woman or child, who does that. I’m not trying to brag or sound arrogant, in fact, most people think I’m a bit touched (in a bad way) when it comes to hockey. If that’s arrogant, I apologize in advance for seeming offputting that way. I don’t consider myself an expert by any means; all I am saying is that I watch and follow hockey very closely. Notice I didn’t claim to “know everything” about the sport. To me there is a difference.
    If the Habs don’t get far this year, I’d love to see the Canucks win.
    Luongo is from my hometown, and I’d love to see him hoist the Cup.
    Thanks for your input!

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