From the ridiculous to the sublime

I am currently away from home and in a land where hockey is less popular than cockfighting, but I will attempt to stay current with what is going on in the epicenter of hockeyness.  I was unable to watch the Habs-Islanders game–probably a good thing–but I was wholly able to feel the shame of my team having lost to one the very worst in the league.  I heard rumours of bad penalties, lackadaisical Carey, languid offense, gaping nets that opened their maws for nought to Andrei and Plekky….

Suddenly, the Habs are in 8th place in the East, and they are facing Washington, whose slump is a lot like a Hollywood starlet’s weight gain: yeah, right.

Could Ovie be so wrapped up in that annoying “Winter Classic” Sid vs Ovie hype, that he won’t be remembering the bitterness of last spring? It’s possible.  In an effort to tout the sport to certain US markets, the league has narrowed all hockey relevance down to the Penguins and the Caps and their marquee guys, and to one game that may not amount to much.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are paying attention to Tampa, a team that is not done rising and battling, Boston, whose goalie is still in Vezina form, Atlanta, who has surprised everyone…and that’s just in the East.

For tonight, the Habs need to finally own their slump, forget about snowstorms and twice-baked potatoes, and summon some killer instinct.

Can our Habs turn the page on the ridiculous and encounter the sublime, jettison the swine and go for the pearls?


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  1. Listen, why don’t you take a guilt free vacation while the Habs do the same?! Why should you worry about their annual Christmas slide when they don’t even concern themselves with it?

    Kick back, enjoy your vacation and hope like hell that they beat the Laffs during that final game of the season…

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