Christmas (sucker) punch….

The Bruins’ Milan Lucic, after earning a match penalty late in the third period of Thursday’s game against the Thrashers, now has to face a disciplinary hearing, fittingly, on Boxing Day.  He was involved in an altercation following a hit by Thrashers’ defenceman Freddy Meyer with 4:06 left in the game.  Lucic seemed to feel the hit was dangerously high and targeting his noggin, as did Andrew Ference, and various Thrashers and Bruins scrapped as a result.  However, once the fight was over and officials were restraining these loving sportsmen, Lucic let fly an unexpected punch to Meyer’s head, and Meyer fell to the ice.  It truly qualifies as a sucker punch, though Meyer might have sold it a bit…still, not a classy move and definitely not an illustration of the tough-guy code.

Here is a ridiculously biased description of the scrap by Bruins announcers:

And a closer look at the actual sucker punch:

TSN reports on the Lucic punch

Lucic can be a firecracker and has no qualms about meting out his own brand of entertaining justice on the ice, which promps me to wonder why Andre Ference jumped into this situation.  Also, no matter how incensed Lucic may have been, how can he justify flipping his wig once every player and official had his guard down?  Saying that it’s no Sean Avery sucker punch is just not saying much.

Will the league punish this, if only to confirm that once officials step into a situation, all violent flailings, gestures and risky applications of force must cease?

*Notorious Savard-hater and drama-queen critic Colin Campbell will not be a party to this hearing, as his son Gregory is a member of the Bruins.


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