Joy to my world

Several good things happened last night, not the least of which was a clearly broadcast glimpse of Jacques Martin spontaneously *laughing* mid-game, as he appeared to be joking with our re-energized Plekanec at the bench.  Yes, I saw teeth, I saw jollity, and I had no choice but to believe in the reason for the season: the Habs were going to win this one.

On the ice, more good things: power play goals, Carey Price looking solid and calm and making key saves in the third, the Habs twice erasing a one-goal deficit, Andre imposing himself around the net, and Plekky being the best player of the night.  The PK was efficient, and the team was able to recover from serious defensive nonchalance (Hamrlik casually one-handing his stick in the crease) with a  five-minute PP that yielded two goals.  Nice resilience, boys!

In passing, can I just mention what a nasty bunch these Canes are, even now that the League’s ugliest man (Rod BrindAmour) has graciously retired .  Paul Maurice, once boyish and somewhat charming (in his Leafs days) has become a scowling, potty-mouthed malcontent.  As for the players, they showed a general lack of class and sportsmanship, from Eric Cole, who once upon a time had his neck broken in a nasty hit, and yet opted to slam Spacek head first into the boards, to Staal, who was yelling at Gionta to get up after our captain had gotten tripped in the final minutes of the game.  Not impressive.

Habs’ road trip resumes on Boxing Day, and until then all are enjoined to celebrate safely, revel, rest and feast, and of course take a minute to put on your skates and hit the ice!  Happy Holidays!


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