Habs vs. Boston, Dec 16 2010

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It was a night of strange (read: stupid) goals, for the most part, and a night of strange firsts as well.  Cammalleri got his first career penalty shot, and deked Thomas out of his undies to score a beauty. Mike also had his first fight.  That one was a head-scratcher, since our handsome pint-sized sniper was going up against the brawnier Krejci–who is no Boogieman, but still….like a tenacious chihuahua fastening to your pantleg, Mini Iron Mike managed to overpower his opponent.

You’d think a matchup featuring two of the league’s best goalies would have offered few goals, or perhaps allowed only finesse displays of scoring ability, but it turned out quite otherwise, as many of the pucks that beat Thomas and Price seemed to defy the laws of physics, logic, and aesthetics.  Attemps to propel a puck into the crease bounced and careened into pads, skates, and into the net, and neither goalie was able to put on much of a show.

Our PK (the guy, not the special team)played better, and was able to deliver a legal but lethal check on Brad Marchand, much to the delight of the Bell Center crowd.  As for Pacioretty, he had a solid night, with a goal and an assist.

Of note: a sudden increase in penalty shots.  Has a memo been sent to the league’s refs asking them to spice up proceedings by suddenly allowing penalty shots, when they are normally rare?  One was allowed in the Leafs game as well last night, and suddenly they seem to be occurring frequently across the NHL.

Michael Ryder, once a prolific scorer, is MIA in Boston, just as he eventually was in Montreal.  Chara is also the shadow of his former self.

You, Sir, are dead to me.


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