The Eggo has landed…Leafs vs Habs


A boring, lifeless loss by the Habs.  Apart from the second half of the third, this game put me to sleep.  PK and Picard: not a good defensive pairing…they look nervous and misjudge their positions.  Cammi was off, unable to shoot accurately and rushing his manoeuvres.  Plekky too easily pushed off the puck, and Andre invisible.  Finally, Auld made up for his awful first period, but that second goal was a softie Price would have stopped.  Lapierre had some fire in him, but he alone seemed to care.

Ron Wilson lives to see another day as the lousy coach he remains.  Toronto dreams on!!!!

After one period:

Our boys are looking lifeless and sloppy: the young d-guys are making costly mistakes, and Auld is out of balance, out of position, half-awake.  Hopefully the last successful PKs inspire our guys to come out flying and put the Laffs back on their heels in the second period.  Very disappointing affort.  Did last night’s late heroics in Detroit drain everyone’s will to win???

****Alex Auld will be in nets for the Habs…no Price magic tonight****

beware the flying wafflesSo everyone in the so-called creamy center of the hockey world (Toronto) is already sick of hearing about the flying waffles that have fed laugh-deprived sports journalists for the past 36 hours.  I still find something cool and Dadaist about the gesture.  It makes no metaphoric sense–the players haven’t waffled: they’ve just been playing like delicate, forgetful grandmas for the past two months–but the very absurdity of someone caring enough to toss crappy Eggos out over the glass, and of other people actually noticing, tickles me.

Having said that, I expect my newly re-Subbanated Habs to look for those patented Leafs giveaways in the crease and to pressure the fearful old ladies into protecting their jittery selves with the usual cowardly turnovers.  Unlike these young fogies, my Habs can and do make spectacular passing plays, when Plekky has a bit of room and Cammy has his killer instinct aroused.

 As we await game time, the folks here in Leafs Nation are behaving much like a vast community of betrayed spouses writing blues songs….they love the team, they hate the team, they hate themselves for loving the bad team that makes them so blue….and they want someone, somewhere, to just make it all better.

My only disappointment is that I won’t get to even try out the CBC’s brazenly exclusive gimmick of having the HNIC broadcast jump out at me and invade my couch.  Having Ron and Don respectively smarm and hector in 3-D would be unbearable, but a few close shots of Plekky and Cammy would undoubtedly relieve my nausea.

More on the game later tonight…..


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